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Mobile Notary Services

The State of Iowa cares a great deal about document authenticity, which means you’ll have to care too. Anytime you need to process a legal document, a notary public serves as a witness. 

These individuals, commissioned by the Secretary of State in Iowa, are authorized to certify significant legal transactions and proceedings.

They’re impartial and unbiased observers who can:

  • Substantiate that a person signing the documents or contracts is of sound mind

  • Determine that you are who you say you are

  • Peruse the documents for any blank signature spaces

Entering an escrow agreement? The notary presides over the signing.

Need to designate beneficiaries on a policy? Call a notary public!

Though these signing agents can be hard to find, they’re absolutely crucial to finalize official documents because they provide something no mere observer or “witness” can: a notarial certificate.


We are Certified Notaries 

The functions of the notary public in Iowa can be boiled down to two primary responsibilities:

  1. Screen the signer

  2. Complete the Certificate of Notarial Act

Nestled in this two-step process is a whole host of intricacies that separate the notary from any other representative agent or body

  • Affidavits

  • Mortgage Closing

  • Wills

  • Supporting documents for disability Clams

  • Designations of beneficiary

  • Structured settlemets 

  • MUCH MORE.......... 

What Documents need Noterized? 

Call us and we will come to you and perform all your Notary needs. 

Ready to get started? Contact us today! 

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