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Our easy process

Atlas Legal and Process Services

 1. Prepare documents to be served 

Include any special instructions you may have ( no serve on Sundays, subject should be home after 8:00pm ect...) or you can use our cover sheet here. 

2.Send them to Atlas Legal and Process Services 

Send them to Atlas Legal and Process services in the most convenient manner for you. Email, hardcopy, Pdf.  

Upon our receipt of your documents, we will log them into our system and you will receive notifications of your documents status and the job status, From beginning to end. Email to or send to us using ServeManager.     



Service is preformed in a quick and efficient manner consistent with all laws in the jurisdiction in which it is issued.  

Service will be available on video with GPS and time stamp to preserve the integrity of the case. You will be notified immediately that the document has been served.  


Your return paperwork will be sent to you within 72 hours along with an invoice for services via your preferred method. You specify the manner of return in your initial instructions ( Affidavit/ Return of service/ Notarized Etc...)  

Payment methods:

  • Use pay button

  • Check via mail

  • PayPal 

  • Credit card over phone

  • Venmo

  • Direct Deposit

  • Pay directly from invoice with link

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