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Extra Services

Additional Pricing


Document Printing  .10¢

A fee of 10¢ per page may be added for jobs with more than 10 printed pages.

On-demand Surveillance $35.00/hour

As needed surveillance for evasive servees. 2 hour maximum.

Additional Addresses

If a serve address is updated after a server has made any or all 4 attempts on the original address. The new address will be treated as a new job at the same rate. 4 attempts will be made for the updated address.

Full Fee

Temporary Restraining or Protective Order  $25.00

Additional fee for service of Temporary Restraining or Protective Orders to reflect the additional hazards involved with this type of service.


Skip Trace  $50.00

Find updated address(es) for servee.


Extended Travel Areas 10%

A server may charge an additional fee for rural or other areas requiring additional travel time or costs to reach areas.

Additional Serve at Same Address

Each Additional Serve at Same Address. 50% reduction in fee for each additional serve at the same address.


Jail/Prison Serve

Additional fee for serves at jails. 


Mailing ( Certified Letter)


For standard letter. Other mailing quoted by job.  

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