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Your team at Atlas Legal and Process Services

At Atlas Legal and Process Services your legal documents are our priority. Handled only by trained and licensed ( where applicable) professionals.  

Core Values

Highest integrity, Highly reputable,

Driven, Skilled, Client focused, Knowledgeable.


Combining experience, technology and remarkable customer service, we are committed to being your valued partner in success. 

Go with the professionals at Atlas Legal and Process Services. Service to Cedar Rapids and Iowa City. All of NE Iowa.

We stand ready to serve

Use our 20+ years of experience in Legal Services to leverage your operations. 

About our team

Our trained process servers are  professionals who specialize in delivering legal documents, such as subpoenas, summons, and other court orders, to individuals or organizations involved in a legal case. These documents are usually time-sensitive and require prompt and accurate delivery.

Our servers have extensive knowledge of the legal system, including local, state, and federal laws. They understand the importance of following proper legal procedures and are skilled in navigating the complexities of the legal system. They are also familiar with the rules and regulations governing the service of process in their jurisdiction.

In addition to legal expertise, our servers have excellent communication and interpersonal skills. They approach individuals in a professional and courteous manner, even in potentially confrontational situations. They are also skilled in conflict resolution and can handle difficult or emotional interactions with ease, limiting liability to all parties. 

Our servers are also highly organized and detail-oriented. They keep meticulous records of all their deliveries and maintain accurate documentation of their activities on our software. They are able to work independently and manage their time effectively to ensure that all documents are delivered on time and within the specified deadline.

We are committed to upholding the integrity of the legal system. We take our role in ensuring due process seriously and adhere to ethical standards and codes of conduct. We prioritize the protection of individual rights and the fair administration of justice.

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